Hotel Vyhlídka****

Pozlovice 206, 763 26 Luhačovice
tel./fax: +420 577 105 285


13. 04. 2019 - Nabídka práce - RECEPČNÍ

Hotel Vyhlídka**** přijme do svého týmu recepční. nabízí [ ... ]


Hotel Vyhlídka Luhačovice

The hotel offers pleasant and comfortable accommodation with a balcony overlooking the Luhačovice lake. Discover the magic of Luhačovice.

Accommodation Luhacovice

Pleasant accommodation in Luhačovice with the view to the adjacent lake. Enjoy comfort and oasis of peace by the Luhačovice lake in the Hotel Vyhlídka Luhačovice.

Special accommodation packages

We offer great value packages of accommodation and associated services, so really everyone can enjoy stay in Hotel Vyhlídka.

Discover the beauty of Luhačovice

Walking the spa colonnade, spa visits and restaurant tasting of local specialties. All Luhačovice offers.

Hotel Vyhlídka Luhačovice Accommodation Luhacovice Special accommodation packages Discover the beauty of Luhačovice

Relaxation and sport

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You may rest in our intimate relaxation centre (sauna, whirlpool bath, massages, cosmetic treatment and pedicure). Sauna has the capacity of 15 persons and whirlpool bath of 8 persons. Specialized spa treatments are available in nearby spa city Luhačovice.

Hotel offers two bowling tracks, kick scooters, darts, snooker and paddle boats. Picturesque surrounding is ideal for walking, cycling (cycle route no. 5238 and spa routes) and even inline skating (3.5 km track around Luhačovice lake). A new outdoor water park was built directly before hotel building. Indoor swimming pool with amusement facilities, tennis courts, mini golf and other sport facilities are available in spa city Luhačovice or in vicinity of the hotel.

Spa city Luhačovice offers rich cultural programme, you can choose many events from the actual offer.

Hotel Vyhlídka occasionally arranges dancing evenings, themed gourmet events, wine tasting events or grilling on the hotel terrace.

Hotel is certified with the trademark "Cyclists Welcome". This certificate assures to cyclists that hotel and also restaurant are able to provide specific services for customers with bike. The services include bike parking lot visible for the guests, lockable room for bicycle storage, possibility of clothes washing and drying, providing tools for basic bicycle repairs, possibility of bike washing, first aid kit, arranging of quality bike hiring and other services


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