Hotel Vyhlídka v Luhačovicích hodnocení

Hotel Vyhlídka****

Pozlovice 206, 763 26 Luhačovice
tel./fax: +420 577 105 285


02. 01. 2020 - Provoz hotelu

od 4.1.2020 do 10.2.2020 bude provoz restaurace i hotelu Vyhlídka**** z technických d [ ... ]


Hotel Vyhlídka Luhačovice

The hotel offers pleasant and comfortable accommodation with a balcony overlooking the Luhačovice lake. Discover the magic of Luhačovice.

Accommodation Luhacovice

Pleasant accommodation in Luhačovice with the view to the adjacent lake. Enjoy comfort and oasis of peace by the Luhačovice lake in the Hotel Vyhlídka Luhačovice.

Special accommodation packages

We offer great value packages of accommodation and associated services, so really everyone can enjoy stay in Hotel Vyhlídka.

Discover the beauty of Luhačovice

Walking the spa colonnade, spa visits and restaurant tasting of local specialties. All Luhačovice offers.

Hotel Vyhlídka Luhačovice Accommodation Luhacovice Special accommodation packages Discover the beauty of Luhačovice

Regular menu

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Soup according to daily offer  

150g Pork goulash, home-made dumpling 95,- Kč
150g Roasted pork cubes, cabbage, home-made dumpling 95,- Kč
220g Roasted duck drumstick, red cabbage, potato dumpling 155,- Kč
150g Grilled chicken slice, side dish according to choice 129,- Kč
150g Pork schnitzel, side dish according to choice 125,- Kč
100g Pasta Al Forno (chicken meat, meadow mushroom with cream sauce, baked with cheese) 92,- Kč